Near the end of his second term as president in September 1796, George Washington had a letter published that was addressed to “the PEOPLE of the United States.” The letter would become known as Washington’s Farewell Address. It’s first several paragraphs were devoted to denouncing excessive partisanship and encouraging national unity. Washington was strongly opposed to political parties that pursued vested ideological agendas. These factional groups, seen by many as an artifact of English corruption, seemed very often oblivious to the advantages of compromise and cooperation.

In fact, a number of our nation’s founders dissaproved of political parties. In addition to Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wrote most forcefully against the influence of parties. As Jefferson quipped, “If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.”

This blog is dedicated primarily to that sentiment. Much of what ails our national political discourse and, as a result, current public policy, is excessive partisanship. I have some ideas about what has caused this unfortunate circumstance that I will write about, and I will be adding links to other articles on the subject that I find illuminating. I will also offer some ideas about specific policies that I believe have been mired in misinformation and misconceptions. Beyond that, …well let’s just see where it leads.

Bruce Glass 12/11

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